Executive Board

Ridgley Knapp.JPG
President Ridgley Knapp is a third-year Public Policy major from Greenwich, Connecticut. He spent last summer working for Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) in Washington, D.C. and volunteering for campaigns in Virginia and Connecticut. During the school year, he volunteers for statewide and Congressional campaigns in Illinois, rows for the Varsity crew team, and tries to figure out what to do with his life.
Executive Director Madeleine Johnson is a third-year majoring in Classics and Political Science, born in Missouri and now living in Kansas. She’s passionate about accessibility in every form: voting rights, transparency, and remembering that there are people who don’t read Politico (sorry guys!). In her spare time, you can find her writing out verb paradigms or watching Law and Order SVU, sometimes at the same time.
Treasurer Artur Genser is a second-year from Naperville, IL majoring in Political Science and Computer Science. As a resident in a currently red district, he is committed to turning Illinois as blue as possible. In his free time, Artur enjoys being outdoors or watching Netflix or checking polls like they’re an addiction.
Communications Director Charlie Rollason is a third-year Political Science and Public Policy major with a passion for reproductive rights. As a sexual health educator, she lives for improving educational policy and increasing accessibility to healthcare. In her free time, Charlie indulges in bad rom-coms, digs into Chipotle, and rants about Marco Rubio!
Andy Hatem
Communications Director Andy Hatem is a third-year Public Policy major. Born in New York and raised in Eastern France, he’s passionate about public transit, education, and anti-machine politics. In his free time, Andy enjoys crosswording, reading The Onion, and watching his beloved Red Sox lose in new and interesting ways.
Sam Roth
Political Director Sam Roth is a fourth-year Public Policy major focusing on politics and policy in Chicago. Born and raised in the city, he has held internships in government, non-profit political advocacy, and campaigns at the state and local levels, and is excited to use this experience to help other UChicago Democrats get involved in politics. In his free time, Sam enjoys reading, watching sports, and astronomy.
Ben Koch
Secretary Ben Koch is a second-year majoring in math and astrophysics. He loves debate and public speaking, and he has worked with the New York City Urban Debate League to teach debate to students from underfunded programs. He enjoys Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, long naps, and reminding people that he’s not *that* kind of Koch.
Kate Lindgren
Operations Manager Kate Lindgren is a third-year in the college double majoring in Economics and Public Policy. She’s excited to get more educated on, and involved with, political issues in Chicago. Her hobbies include Netflix bingeing, listening to podcasts, and eating just enough fruits and vegetables to not get scurvy.
Operations Manager Grace Bridges is a second-year Political Science and Public Policy major from Atlanta, GA. She spent last summer working for the Stacey Abrams and Democratic Party of GA Coordinated Campaign. In her free time, Grace enjoys knitting, playing guitar, and graphic design.
First-year Board Member Eric You is from Andover, MA and is majoring in Public Policy and Chemistry. He is passionate about education and community engagement and got his start in politics when he realized that the afterschool programs he volunteered for would get their funding cut. He most recently worked as a field intern for a congressional candidate in MA but is excited to get involved in Illinois politics and help elect progressive leaders. In his free time, Eric enjoys baking, running, and reading.
First-year Board Member Lauren Cole is from Purchase, New York and is majoring in Political Science. She is passionate about local activism from executing her high school’s walkout after the Parkland shooting, to canvassing for local politicians, and taking part in grassroots protests in NYC. In her free time, Lauren likes to binge shows on Netflix, explore Chicago, and drink lots of coffee.
President Emeritus Anais Rosenblatt is a fourth-year from Boca Raton, FL studying Political Science. She is a lifelong Democrat and political enthusiast. She is passionate about organizing in Latinx communities, and currently serves as the Vice Chair of the Latinx Caucus for College Democrats of America.